3MK Γυαλί προστασίας 7H FLEXIBLE GLASS για XIAOMI MI9T , MI 9T PRO

3MK Γυαλί προστασίας 7H FLEXIBLE GLASS για XIAOMI MI9T , MI 9T PRO

The only safe flexible glass available on the market, which is characterized by a small thickness (only 0.2mm). In addition, innovative ceramic coatings have been used to give real surface hardness of 7H. Flexible Glass strengthens the display, increasing protection even during extreme falls. It guarantees full touch sensitivity, perfect fit and trouble-free installation, thanks to the fixing of the Inviscid-Sil non-bubble layer and Fit-In ™ positioning stickers. Flexible Glass is the only glass that is safe for the user in the event of breakage, because it does not crumble!

* Glass / Foil is cut only on the flat part of the display with a convex structure, according to and based on a die prepared by the producer of the given phone model. Only such cutting of the film / glass will ensure complete compatibility with our protective accessories.

** Due to the various milling of the display edges, after installing the film / protective glass on the screen, a delicate air halo may appear around the screen. This is a natural situation and depends on the screen itself.

1) Start the assembly in the bathroom right after the bath - steam will absorb all the dust from the atmosphere and it will not disturb you in the installation.

2) Clean the surface of the screen thoroughly and degreased, then polish it with a dry cloth.

3) Install the coating as much as you can - you can position it with two tape leaves, sticking them to the side of the device.

4) Get rid of the air bubbles, pressing the whole with circular motions for several dozen seconds. Make it so that the adhesive layer becomes as strong as possible with the screen.

- 100% Original
- Hardness of 7H surface
- Thickness 0.2mm
- Easy assembly without bubbles
- It retains full sensitivity to touch
- Precisely matched
- Packed in the original packaging

1 x 3mk Flexible Glass
1 x Lint-free cloth
2 x Fit-In support stickers
1 x Installation Card

3mk FlexibleGlass

The only safe elastic glass available on the market. 3mk FlexibleGlass is the best screen protector possible.

Innovative ceramic covers offer hardness on the level of 7H. Unlike regular glass, the 3mk FlexibleGlass is safe for the user in
case of breaking.

It is barely visible on the screen and leaves the screen fully functional. The easiest application without bubbles thanks to the Fit-In™ technology.

Small changes - big difference

Accessories thanks to which the product gains new quality.

Kit contains:

- one FlexibleGlass (front)
- lint-free cleaning cloth
- Anti-Bubble Card
- Fit-In™ positioning tabs
- Dust-Fix™ labels
- installation instructions.

Type of protection Unbreakable hybrid glass (combination of foil and glass) Scratch resistance (hardness) 7H (Pencil Hardness acc. Wolf-Wilburn Scale) Improved impact resistance 2,5 times more Thickness 0,2mm Used technologies - structure enriched in ceramic layers
- laser type of manufacturing
- Inviscid-Sil™ adehsive
- Fit-In™ positioning tabs
- Dust-Fix™ labels Warranty 24 months

Technical data

Model with a rounded screen In this model the curvature of the display can hamper adhesion of the film and a conventional glass, because they are matched to the entire flat portion of the display with a convex structure. This means that the film / glass will be less than the entire front panel.


Shatterproof glass and hybrid film.

Safety in use and long life

possible thanks to a flexible and resistant to breakage structure. Thanks FlexibleGlass glass can be bent, and at the same time is safe for hands.


Very high protection against scratches - 7H.

So high hardness, superior in the protective films were obtained by an enrichment of the structure of additional ceramic coatings, which additionally retain the low thickness of the glass.


With FlexibleGlassem screen removes up to 2.5x more powerful impact.

With the fall of the glass does not break into many pieces of sharp and dangerous. It is not only resistant to cracking, but also strengthens the screen. This is a unique advantage of the fragile and susceptible to breakage typical eyewear.


Low thickness - 0.2 mm

It intensifies a feeling of the absence of an additional layer on the screen. FlexibleGlass a high strength in a slim structure.


The fastest installation without bubbles

possible through the use of non-sticky substance InviscidSil ™ positioning stickers and Fit-In ™, which accurately fit the glass screen.


Perfect fit for the screen and edge finishing

This thanks to laser technology. FlexibleGlass has all the holes for the sensors and camera. For 3mk ™ is standard, but the rest of the lenses is something unique.


Using glass screen

it provides an impression FlexibleGlass. Pleasure caused by fluid slip, 100% precision, and sensitivity to touch.


Set contains:

- 1 piece. FlexibleGlass (front)
- lint-free cloth
- a damp cloth
- Anti-Bubble Card
- sticker positioning Fit-In ™
- leaves Dust-Fix ™

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