AWEI G20 Μαγνητικά Ακουστικά Ασύρματα BT Earbuds Neckband με Mικρόφωνο - ΜΑΥΡΟ - AWSLG20.BLACK

G20BL headphones are another product of the well-known and valued Awei brand, dedicated to people who appreciate the comfort during physical activity.

The product was made with attention to the smallest details, and the electronics hidden under the plastic housing elements are at the highest level. The product is equipped with a remote control, on which a panel with function buttons and a microphone has been placed.

Awei G20BL headphones is a product designed for active people.

They are supported by the very stable Bluetooth technology in version 4.2, so that the connection to the product does not break, and the transmitted audio band is not distorted. The whole is controlled by a modern CSR processor, which additionally manages the energy of the device itself in an intelligent way, which allows for one charge (charging time of 2 hours) for 6 hours of listening to music or 8 hours of voice talks.

The headphones are connected to the remote control by means of a flat cable, which is placed behind the neck and does not interfere with movement. The aforementioned pilot has an implemented HD microphone, which, in combination with the CVC system in version 6.0, allows for conducting voice calls, eliminating all kinds of static noise or overdriving.

The device's remote makes it easy to control the music being played or the conversation, it has buttons to change the song / sound volume, and the play / pause button, which is also used to accept and end voice calls. The whole is finished with a very elegant plastic, which is pleasant to touch and does not crack at the pressure of the finger. In addition, mounted magnets with opposite poles, allow you to connect the headphones, so that - not used - will not slip off your neck. It is worth mentioning the impressed 3D surround system.

It is obtained through two membranes working independently, for two separate units. The first of the membranes is responsible for deep bass, while the second is responsible for the treble. A semi-flexible hoop is also a great solution, connecting the remote control with its counterpart on the other side.

The main features of the product:

  •     The product is supported by Bluetooth 4.2
  •     A durable battery that allows 8 hours of talk time or 6 hours of music playback
  •     Built-in CVC 6.0 system reduces noise
  •     Microphone allowing for voice calls in HD quality
  •     The ability to receive, terminate and conduct voice calls
  •     Built-in voice communicator informing in English about the status of the device
  •     Media control: głośniej / ciszej, next / previous song, play / stop (answer the call / end the call)
  •     The headphones are compatible with any Android or iOS device
  •     The headphones are equipped with small magnets with opposite poles, so you can connect them together, creating a practical loop
  •     Deep 3D sound system.


1. CSR Bluetooth version 4.2, more stable and powerful.
2. Quad-core double dynamic coil, big driver deep the bass sound, small driver full the high frequencies sound, feel the immersive nature.
3. IPX4 waterproof and sweatproof, the movement does not fall, without fear of sweat.
4. Smart magnetic design prevent earphones from sliding off or cable tangling when not in use.Awei G20BL bluetooth headphones

  •      Operating instructions in English
  •      Clamp clip
  •      Two pairs of silicone tips for headphones in two different sizes
  •      The hooks that stabilize the earpiece in the ear
  •      USB cable for charging the device


General Specification
  Brand   AWEI
  Model   G20BL
  Color   Black
  Wearing Type   In-ear
  Net Weight (g)   25g
Technical Parameters
  Microphone   Yes
  Wired Control   Support
  Bluetooth Version   V4.2
  Transmission Distance   10M
  Impedance   32Ω
  Frequency Response   20-20kHz
  Battery Capacity   110mAh, 3.7V
  Charging Time (h)   2h
  Talking Time   8h
  Standby Time (h)   200h

Package  Included:

 1* [Dual Dynamic Driver] AWEI G20 Bluetooth Earphone Neckband
 3 pairs of eartips
 1* USB Charging Cable

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