BASEUS CAFULE Καλώδιο Φόρτισης Συγχρονισμού TYPE-C 0.5M - ΜΑΥΡΟ

BASEUS CAFULE Καλώδιο Φόρτισης Συγχρονισμού TYPE-C 0.5M - ΜΑΥΡΟ

Highly durable USB cable with a Type-C connector allowing for full data synchronization and charging of batteries of devices in RapidCharge technology. It was made of a double braid - silicone and nylon, and has reinforced plugs and cable connections. Due to this construction, it is characterized by increased resistance to breaking or breaking of the internal data and energy conducting beam.
The USB and Type-C terminals are made of aluminum increasing their durability and have been painted in such a way as to be able to easily find the cable even in low light. The cable has a built-in strap that allows you to adjust the comfortable useful length.
The cable is compatible with RapidCharge technology thanks to which it allows charging devices equipped with this technology with maximum intensity. The fast charging function will also ensure connected devices safe and fast charging from the power socket (a charger with the implemented RapidCharge function is required).

- 100% Original
- Precisely made
- Has a durable construction
- Standard-Type connector
- Compatible with RapidCharge
- Maximum charging current: 3A
- Length: 50cm
- Packed in original packaging

1 x Baseus cable

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