BASEUS Encok Βάση Φόρτισης για Ακουστικά - ΜΑΥΡΟ - DB01

Made entirely of aluminum alloy galvanized stand for headphones from Baseus is not only aesthetic appearance, but also excellent workmanship.
Due to the wide range of headphones models offered, the manufacturer made it possible to independently change the height of the arm so that the headphones remain at the correct height in relation to the base.

The bottom of the base has been covered with a silicone-based coating to prevent the stand from slipping off the slippery surface.

  • The whole bracket is made of aluminum alloy through fine electroplating, giving a smooth and glossy touch after the micro-grinding processing

  • The curved surface of rod fits well with the headset head beam, applying evenly force, distributing headset weight and reducing indentation so as to better protect the headset

  • Adjustable bracket arm to offer customers a comfortable experience

  • The bracket bottom is designed to have an arc tray, giving you a clean and tidy desktop

  • With non-slip base, keeps your bracket to stand steadily on the desktop


  • Brand: Baseus

  • Name: Headphone Holder

  • Product model: Baseus Encok DB01

  • Material: Aluminum + silica gel

  • Technology: CNC + oxidation

  • Suitable for: All headsets/headphones

  • Size: About 25 x 9.6cm

- 100% Original
- Made of aluminum
- Precisely made
- Packed in the original packaging

1 x Baseus DB01 stand

We have solved this challenge beautifully.

An elegant aluminum stand that not only holds and showcases your premium headphones but is also a charging station.

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