BASEUS SC5A QC3.0 Καλώδιο Φόρτισης Συγχρονισμού TYPE-C 0.23m - ΜΑΥΡΟ

BASEUS SC5A QC3.0 Καλώδιο Φόρτισης Συγχρονισμού TYPE-C 0.23m - ΜΑΥΡΟ

Baseus Simple Super Charge short, flexible cable with data synchronization and quick energy renewal function.
The short length of only 23 cm ensures comfortable use, e.g. in tandem with a powerbank, and an additional hook allows you to wind the cable when it is no longer used. A cable with a total current of up to 5A supported by fast charging technology, guarantees instant energy renewal, among others. in Huawei smartphones with SCP technology and other devices supported by the Quick Charge 3.0 system.
The intelligent management system ensures safe energy renewal by adjusting the appropriate voltage to the specific equipment without the risk of damaging the battery.

The cable is made of durable TPE material with aluminum plugs and is highly resistant to high temperatures and bending, thanks to which it remains in great condition for a long time. It is an accessory that allows you to transfer data and renew energy at the same time.

- 100% Original
- Packed in the original packaging
- Made of TPE and aluminum
- Precisely made
- It has a durable structure
- Data loading and transferring function
- Standard connector: USB / USB Type-C
- Maximum charging current: 5A
- Length: 23cm

1 x Baseus Cable

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