BLUETENS Duo SPORT Smart Μυϊκός διεγέρτης - ΜΑΥΡΟ - BL-BLT15DS

BLUETENS Duo SPORT Smart Μυϊκός διεγέρτης - ΜΑΥΡΟ - BL-BLT15DS

Συσκευή ηλεκτροδιέγερσης Smart Muscle Stimulator - Black

Improve reinforcement, optimize recovery: boost your performance!

Improve reinforcement & optimize recovery. Train harder, perform better ! Duo Sport device is our high performance product. Specially designed for athletes with an intensive activity, it’s the best of connected electrostimulation!

Strengthening, recovery, rehabilitation, prevention muscle wasting, tonicity, muscle preparation, painkiller, endurance, explosivity, capillarization …

All you need to perform well, reach your goals and your challenges. Duo Sport will accompany you everywhere, at anytime!

Regular athlete, boost your recovery!
Nothing like an effective recovery to chain the outputs and stay in top form!

Objective : eliminate metabolism waste, optimize muscle recovery and get a fresh restart the next day .

An injury related to your sports activity? Cure it with Bluetens!

Objective : manage the pain and get you back on track as soon as possible

Tendinitis tennis elbow – Achilles tendinitis – Wiper syndrome (TFL) – Patellar tendinitis – Periostitis Pubalgia – Bursitis – Plantar fasciitis (plantar fasciitis) …

Bluetens relieves all kinds of pain.

Tone your body!
Strength training programs combined with recovery programs ensure you are at the top of your shape!

Objective : achieving a muscle tone to support your level of activity

Muscular workout : strengthening, endurance, resistance, explosiveness …
Aesthetics workout : Muscular tone, sharpening (reshaped), drainage …

Recover efficiently!
After a training or a competition it is the indispensable program! It improves blood circulation and lowers lactate levels.

Objective : improve blood circulation and lower lactate levels

Αυτή η παραλλαγή του BLUETENS έχει σχεδιαστεί για να ανταποκρίνεται στους πιο απαιτητικούς αθλητές  στην ανοικοδόμηση και ανάκτηση μυών, ενώ καταπραΰνουν τον πόνο. Δύο φορές τόσο ισχυρό και ισχυρό όσο το κλασικό Bluetens, το Duo Sport διατηρεί μόνο το καλύτερο και προσφέρει απευθείας ασύρματη τεχνολογία για να επιτρέπει στους χρήστες να εξελίσσονται ελεύθερα.
• Επιλογή περιοχών για άσκηση και επιθυμητό αποτέλεσμα
• Δυνατότητα οδήγησης ενός ή και των δύο Bluetens Sport με το ίδιο πρόγραμμα ή διαφορετικά προγράμματα
• Δυνατότητα παύσης του προγράμματος και μετάβαση στις φάσεις θέρμανσης και ανάπαυσης.
• Ρυθμίστε την ένταση με το κουμπί ελέγχου και / ή την εφαρμογή Bluetens
• Περιγραφή των προγραμμάτων ηλεκτροδιέγερσης
• Ένδειξη της τοποθέτησης ηλεκτροδίων με ανατομικές φωτογραφίες
• Στατιστική λειτουργία (Χρόνος χρήσης, αγαπημένα προγράμματα)
• Περισσότερα από 100 ολοκληρωμένα προγράμματα
• Αυτόματη αντιστοίχιση μέσω Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE)
• Συμβατότητα: Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) - Android 4.3 και νεότερη έκδοση - iOS 7 και άνω ​​

• Ενσωματωμένη επαναφορτιζόμενη μπαταρία Li-Ion USB
• Έως 5 ώρες συνεχούς χρήσης
• Συσκευές και εξαρτήματα πιστοποιημένα για χρήση στον ιατρικό τομέα

2 Bluetens Sport
1 πακέτα ηλεκτροδίων Sport mix
4 ηλεκτρόδια SP M
8 S ηλεκτρόδια
4 καλώδια ηλεκτροδίων 2 από 15 cm
2 εκ 25 cm
1 άκαμπτο τσάντα μεταφοράς για τη μεταφορά και την προστασία του συνόλου του εξοπλισμού σας
2 καλώδια USB για φόρτιση
2 ασύρματοι προσαρμογείς Duo Sport
1 εγχειρίδιο χρήσης

2 devices
● 4 snapcables: 2 of 15 cm & 2 of 25 cm
● 1 pouch to protect and cary all the two devices and their accessories
● 2 USB cables for recharge
● 2 Duo Sport wireless adapters
● 1 User manual

2 Packs of Sport electrodes : 4 M size electrodes and 8 S size electrodes
High quality electrodes for better conductivity and effect diffusion.

1 Protective pouch
The Pouch to store Bluetens and its accessories, to take the Duo Sport everywhere with you

Therapy, relaxation, muscle building, pain therapy: Smart electrostimulation

Bluetens Duo Sport

Exercises and strengthens - Relaxed and treated! Optimum supplement to the training: muscle building, muscle strengthening, speed and muscle care for injuries.
Bluetens DUO Sport For athletes, competitive athletes and ambitious fitness gurus

TENS and EMS in a new dimension - overcoming the limits of electro-therapy with Bluetens
Bluetens is the first intelligent TENS / EMS device on the market for targeted electrostimulation therapy.


Bluetens was developed by a team of physiotherapists and athletes and is certified as a medical device. Whether you need a completely natural anti-pain therapy, need relaxation after a hard day or want to actively recover and strengthen: Bluetens has a solution for everything. Bluetens is tiny but effective and will relieve your pain at the touch of a button, relax your muscles and tone up your body. Thanks to the free Bluetens app, Bluetens is an evolutionary product that currently provides more than 100 programs for 15 body areas.
In addition, the Bluefit platform is available to all professional users, such as physiotherapists and sports trainers. With Bluefit programs can be tailored to individual needs, created their own therapy programs and personal treatment and training plans for patients and customers are provided and monitored.

So klein, so effektiv...

So small, so effective...

Bluetens is a smart device for electrostimulation.
The world's first of its kind with Bluetooth connection to your smartphone.

Your relaxation, muscle building or pain relief is now nothing in the way - whether at home or on the road.
Bluetens is smaller than a matchbox, thanks to lithium-ion battery powerful and independent and thanks to the smartphone connection, intelligent therapy programs are directly available.


Popular with doctors, physiotherapists, athletes...

and all those who have an eye on their own health and personal well-being - who take their own health into their own hands.

Electrotherapy is a recognized procedure for pain relief, muscle relaxation, but also for muscle building and massage.

Beliebt bei Ärzten, Physiotherapeuten, Sportlern...
Intelligente Elektrostimulation

Intelligent Electrostimulation

Bluetens is designed to improve and enhance your physical condition, health and wellbeing.

For this the electrostimulation is used.

Electricity is not equal to electricity...

Bluetens is smart. This means that with the help of the Bluetens App individual programs for therapy are available.

The electrodes of the flower are supplied with fine electrical currents of different frequencies and intensities, which are applied pulsating for a defined period of time.

Always precisely adapted to your selected therapy goal:

  •      Relaxation,
  •      Strengthening
  •      therapy

and tailored to the body region that needs treatment.
Strom ist nicht gleich Strom...
Für Sie, für Ihn, für mich und für den Profi

For you, for him, for me and for the professional

There are quite a few on the market for electrostimulation devices.
In general, these are complicated to handle, are designed for a specific purpose or too expensive and bulky.

Bluetens is different

For all of us...
because the Bluetens electrostimulation device is child's play to operate, brings a wide range of programs for targeted treatment and it is small, light and always usable - so on the go or traveling.

For Professionals...
because the stimulation programs, which are precisely tailored by recognized physiotherapists, already enable an unerring and successful therapy.


Physiotherapeutic treatment

TENS, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is a recognized method of pain relief.
The electrical stimulation of nerve fibers stimulates the formation of endogenous analgesic substances.
For example, physiotherapists and physicians use this technique to treat sprains, tendonitis, and acute, inflammatory pain.

Relaxation and Massage

Relaxation and a massage effect are achieved in two ways:
  •      vasodilatation
  •      Endorphin secretion
In nervous or muscular overload, the so-called happiness hormone (endorphin) provides relaxation.

muscle building

EMS or electrical muscle stimulation is a technique for stimulating muscular activity through fine, precise electrical currents.
The main goal here is to strengthen the muscle.
This treatment is ideally supplemented by accompanying sports or muscle rehabilitation.
Smart ist intelligent - ist Bluetens

Smart is intelligent - ist Bluetens

In total, more than 150 programs for various applications and body areas are already available as standard.
With two self-explanatory rotary voters - similar to a parking disc - the Bluetens App provides this selection in a clearly structured manner.

The program suitable for you right now is only a few clicks away.

The Bluetens App is from the outset equipped with these original programs, is regularly updated and expanded with new features.

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A Bluetens device can be used by the whole family. 12 gel electrodes are already included in the package. Each electrode can be reused up to 30x. Additional electrodes can be purchased separately.

APP and updates for free in the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store

iOS: Android:

Technical data

Bluetens Duo Sport
compatibility Ab iOS 7 & iPhone 4S and newer
  iPad 3. Generation, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPod touch 5. Generation and newer
  Android-Smartphones amd Tablets mit Android 4.3 und neuer
Bluetens is a certified medical device
  CE-Certification by TÜV
Weight 25g
Batteries 3.7 V
  400 mAH
Voltage 0-70 V
Frequency 1 Hz - 1200 Hz
Output max 300 mA
  Average of 20mA
output voltage max 100 V
  65 V
  1000 mA
  5.0 W

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