BLUETENS Smart electrostimulator Μυϊκός διεγέρτης - ΛΕΥΚΟ - BL-BLT02

BLUETENS Smart electrostimulator Μυϊκός διεγέρτης - ΛΕΥΚΟ - BL-BLT02

Συσκευή ηλεκτροδιέγερσης

the 1st connected electrostimulation device improving your wellness. Tiny but awesome, it will relieve your pain, relax your muscles, or tone your body. The dedicated Bluetens App is totally free, and offers more than 100 programs for 15 body areas.

Feeling pain somewhere ?
Adopt the electrotherapy reflex and relief all kinds of pain : osteoarthritis, arthritis, neuralgia, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, joint pain, nerve muscle, chronic, sprain, sciatica, lumbalgia, cruralgia, lumbago, periostitis, heavy legs, painful periods & endometriosis, etc.

RELAX (Recover) Mode

Relax after a long and tiring day, or recover after a physical activity thanks to massage programs. Relax your muscles to avoid cramps and boost your performances!


Bluetens helps to improve sportive performances by strengthen the muscles, developping its strength and endurance skills, without hurting the joints that are not stimulated.

A few words about Bluetens electrotherapy…

Patient comfort is a real concern and new treatment protocols are constantly emerging in order to face painful episodes without side effects. Bluetens is totally in line with this line of thought. Thanks to electrotherapy, a technology that has proven its effectiveness for decades, we can very effectively relieve pain (acute or chronic) in a complete natural way. Whether you are a top level athlete or an amateur sportsman and sportswoman, Bluetens is as effective for recovery as it is for muscle strengthening.

Inside the box :

1 Bluetens device
1 Pack of 8 reusable electrodes S & M size
1 Cable to connect the electrodes to the device
1 USB Cable for charging the device
1 User manual
1 Protective plastic bag

Bluetens helps you to get better

It is so small that you can take it wherever you go for completely unimpaired treatment, relaxation, or muscle strengthening. Bluetens is the favourite companion of doctors, physios, sportspeople and anyone who wants to feel better quickly and for longer.

Get Better!

Our philosophy is to improve your physical condition, health and therefore your well-being as much as possible. In order to do so, our product makes use of electrostimulation. This natural method will provide you with healthcare treatment, relaxation and muscle strengthening.

Bluetens is a certified medical device.

It has been designed by health professionals with all their characteristic reliability and expertise. They develop the app’s programmes and use them in their work. They are doctors, physiotherapists and sports coaches and are our first guarantee of quality and reliability.

  • Intensity control dial: The dial at the top of the device allows you to adjust the power level at any time.
  • Intensity LEDs: 1 start-up LED. 4 level LEDs allowing you to control the intensity in an instant.
  • Battery: Its high-capacity Lithium-ion battery, once charged, lasts for 5 hours and means that Bluetens can be used for 1 month without recharging.
  • Just one button: Just one movement is needed to turn the Bluetens on or off thanks to its central button.
  • Ergonomic design: Bluetens measures 6 x 4 cm. It is so small that it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.
  • Bluetooth chip: Its Bluetooth chip communicates with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) compatible devices.

Three sets of four high-quality electrodes are included in your Bluetens pack.

Safe and simple connection

To guarantee optimum usage, no programme will run unless all the electrodes are correctly positioned on your body.

iOS et Android

Bluetens works in the same way on both systems.

To cover all needs, the application offers three different modes of use and over 100 programmes.

1. Physio Care
Physiotherapy treatment programmes developed by our experts.
Select treatment if you suffer from chronic lower back pain, tendonitis, sciatica, etc.

2. Relaxation
Relaxing massage and toning programmes anytime.
Select relaxation if you’d like to soothe feelings of nerve or muscle fatigue.

3. Fitness
Muscle strengthening programmes adapted to your needs.
Select sport if you’d like to build up strength for workout preparation or to improve muscle support.

  • Efficient: Bluetens is a medical device. It is developed and used by sports and health professionals for you .
  • Lightweight and compact : 6 cm x 4 cm and 25 grams , in comparision a credit card measuring more than 8.5 cm x 5 cm.
  • Good battery : One hour recharging provides 4-5 hours of treatment.
  • Technology: it operates in Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE ) , the latest wireless communication technology.
  • Simple: has a button and a dial to control the intensity, everything is managed on the screen of your smartphone through the application.
  • Easy to use: Bluetens can be used by everyone regardless of age because it is very easy to use.

Compact design
● Dual function mode (Bluetooth/Standalone)
● Intensity adjustment on the device
● Medically certified device
● Light weight! 25 gr only
● Lithium-ion battery, charged by USB. 1 hour of charge = 4-5 hours duration
● Automatic connection “plug and play” from the App

Weight 25 grams
3.7V 400mAH battery
Voltage 0-70V (500Ω load)
Frequency 1Hz-1200Hz
Maximum output current 300mA (peak), 20mA average
Maximum output voltage 100V (without load), 65V with load
USB (on charge) 5V 1000mA, 5.0W

Content box

1 Bluetens
1 Bluepack of 3 x 4 electrodes
1 USB recharge cable
1 snap cable for electrode connection
1 manual
1 waterproof case

For all iOs & Androïd

The Bluetens App is compatible with Smartphone & Tablet equiped with Bluetooth 4.0 (min.)

Improve reinforcement, optimize recovery: boost your performance!

Improve reinforcement & optimize recovery. Train harder, perform better ! Duo Sport device is our high performance product. Specially designed for athletes with an intensive activity, it’s the best of connected electrostimulation!

Strengthening, recovery, rehabilitation, prevention muscle wasting, tonicity, muscle preparation, painkiller, endurance, explosivity, capillarization …

All you need to perform well, reach your goals and your challenges. Duo Sport will accompany you everywhere, at anytime!

Regular athlete, boost your recovery!
Nothing like an effective recovery to chain the outputs and stay in top form!

Objective : eliminate metabolism waste, optimize muscle recovery and get a fresh restart the next day .

An injury related to your sports activity? Cure it with Bluetens!

Objective : manage the pain and get you back on track as soon as possible

Tendinitis tennis elbow – Achilles tendinitis – Wiper syndrome (TFL) – Patellar tendinitis – Periostitis Pubalgia – Bursitis – Plantar fasciitis (plantar fasciitis) …

Bluetens relieves all kinds of pain.

Tone your body!
Strength training programs combined with recovery programs ensure you are at the top of your shape!

Objective : achieving a muscle tone to support your level of activity

Muscular workout : strengthening, endurance, resistance, explosiveness …
Aesthetics workout : Muscular tone, sharpening (reshaped), drainage …

Recover efficiently!
After a training or a competition it is the indispensable program! It improves blood circulation and lowers lactate levels.

Objective : improve blood circulation and lower lactate levels

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