BLUETENS MasterPack Smart electrostimulator Μυϊκός διεγέρτης - ΛΕΥΚΟ - BL-MPACKFR

BLUETENS MasterPack Smart electrostimulator Μυϊκός διεγέρτης - ΛΕΥΚΟ - BL-MPACKFR

Συσκευή ηλεκτροδιέγερσης

The MasterPack contains the Bluetens and all its accessories, reunited in a unique box. Take the best of the connected electrostimulation with this full box to cover all your needs of cure, relax & tone.

Nomad: Miniaturize the device to be able to carry it everywhere easily. Bluetens is equipped with a Lithium-ion battery that is charged by USB (micro-USB port) in 1 hour and offers 4 to 5 hours of battery life, finished batteries and endless refills!
Economic: Decrease its price because the most expensive technology is already in your smartphone.
Scalable: Make the product scalable, with already more than 100 programs and new features for every update.
Bluetens is certified medical

The new clip allows you to use your Bluetens without its original electrodes cable, just slide the Bluetens inside the clip and then clip it onto one of the special electrodes. The Surf electrode allows you to aim at the smallest body parts, while the Butterfly electrode allows you to reach the larger ones. And all this, wireless!

Feeling well anywhere anytime
It is so small that you can take it wherever you go to treat, relax and strengthen you freely.

Take care of yourself
Bluetens uses two different stimulation ways to soothe your pain.

Strengthen your muscles

Bluetens helps you to improve your performance by strengthening the muscle and developing its endurance.

Reproducing all the effects of a massage : friction, strikig, pressure, kneading, cladding.

Weight : 25 grammes
Battery: 3.7V 400mAH
Voltage: 0-70V (load at 500Ω)
Frequency: 1Hz-1200Hz
Maximum output current 300mA (peak), average of 20 mA
Maximum output voltage 100V (no load), 65V with load
USB (charging) 5V 1000mA, 5.0W



1 Bluetens
1 pack of 2 sets of reusable electrodes included (S and M)
1 usb cable for charging
1 snap cable to connect the electrodes
1 user manual
1 warranty activation card
1 protective pouch

1 clip (integrated wireless connector)
2 Surf electrodes
1 Butterfly electrode

1 bag
1 belt clip

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