Θήκη Mophie juice pack Access για APPLE iPhone XS MAX - 2.200mAh - ΜΑΥΡΟ - MP-401002839

Θήκη Mophie juice pack Access για APPLE iPhone XS MAX - 2.200mAh - ΜΑΥΡΟ - MP-401002839

New compact design, even powerful battery
The new, streamlined design of the protective shell for the Juice Pack Access is as compact as a traditional shell, so it fits easily into your hand, pocket and bag. Coupled with a powerful battery, it extends the life of your iPhone up to 31 hours.

Full access to your Lightning port
The thoughtful design of the protective shell for the Juice Pack Access battery preserves your access to your iPhone's Lightning port. So you can connect headphones to talk and listen to music while the Juice Pack charges your iPhone.

Convenience of wireless
Recharge the Juice Pack Access on any wireless Qi charger. With the Priority + charge, power will flow wirelessly to the iPhone before recharging the battery.

Unmatched portability
The Access Pack Juice can extend the life of your iPhone up to 31 hours, which is more than enough to spend the day. With this battery directly on your iPhone, you will never have to take extra batteries or cables to charge. It's extra power when you're in a critical situation or just want to recharge your battery.

Extra protection for everyday use
The Juice Pack Access battery case features a sturdy polycarbonate exterior with a soft-touch finish that dissipates shocks and helps protect your iPhone from bumps and falls. The raised corners provide extra protection against scratched and cracked screens.

Safe Charge for peace of mind
Built-in protection circuits prevent overcharging and overheating, allowing you to charge with confidence.

The mophie advantage
At mophie, we maintain our products at the highest level of the mobile energy sector. We strive to develop the most reliable and efficient technologies.

Protective battery case with Lightning port access and wireless charging

  • Built-in battery extends the battery life of your iPhone XS Max by 31 hours
  • Wireless Qi technology compatible with all wireless charging systems
  • Ultra-slim and compact design with excellent grip
  • Rubber inner guards to resist falls and impacts
  • Priority + charging allows synchronization and intercom charging that powers the iPhone and then the Juice Pack
  • Possibility to turn the Juice Pack on or off with the button and LED indicators
  • Full protective case
  • USB-C input


  • Wireless charging
  • Lightning port access
  • Recharged via USB C
  • Priority+ Charge
  • Compact Design

Mophie Juice Pack Access Battery Case Wirelessly Powers Your iPhone


iPhone Xs

iPhone X


  • Colour: Black
  • Capacity: 2200mAh
  • UPC: 0848467085259

Package Contents

  • Battery Case
  • USB to USB C cable

Device is not included.

Product Gross Weight (kg): 0.260

Product Dimension (cm): 30x24x2.50

Warranty: 1 Year Limited

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