ELOUGH Καλώδιο USB 1.0μ με Μαγνητικό Μετατροπέας USB σε TYPE-C, MICROUSB και LIGHTNING , 3Amp - E05 - ΜΑΥΡΟ

Magnetic cable Type-C for charging and data transfer. It allows charging from the mains charger and directly from the USB port. Thanks to the magnetic plug there is no need to remove the plug from the device, just unplug the cable.

This solution allows you to charge more devices with one cable and reduces socket wear.
In addition, when the plug is in the device, it does not matter which side the cable is connected to.

There is a diode on the USB plug indicating that the device is charging.

- 100% Original
- Precisely made
- Length: 100cm
- Maximum charging intensity: 3A
- Support for QC3.0
- Packed in the original packaging

1 x Elough E05 cable

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