ESR ΓΥΑΛΙ ΠΡΟΣΤΑΣΙΑΣ ΟΘΟΝΗΣ με Applicator κιτ τοποθέτησης για APPLE IPAD AIR 4 10.9 2020 - ΔΙΑΦΑΝΟ

ESR ΓΥΑΛΙ ΠΡΟΣΤΑΣΙΑΣ ΟΘΟΝΗΣ με Applicator κιτ τοποθέτησης για APPLE IPAD AIR 4 10.9 2020 - ΔΙΑΦΑΝΟ

High quality ESR tempered glass is the perfect way to protect the screen from scratches and bumps. It has a thickness of 0.3mm and a hardness of 9H which is a sufficient value for effective screen protection, with high resistance of the glass itself to surface scratches. It was also covered with an oleophobic layer, which reduces the degree of leaving fingerprints on the screen. The kit includes installation accessories along with a positioning frame, which makes installation very easy and affordable for anyone. The frame allows for perfect positioning of the coating with the screen, and the other accessories are used for mounting without bubbles and dirt - installing this type of product on such a large screen surface has never been easier!

Check how easy it is:

How do you check if an accessory fits your iPad?
It's easy, check the model number on the back of the device that starts with the letter A:
The product in this offer fits:
A2072, A2316, A2324, A2325.

-100% Original
- Scratch resistance up to 9H
- 0.3mm toughened glass
- Has an oleophobic layer
- 2.5D shaped edges
-Easy assembly with a frame and installation package
- Does not affect touch sensitivity
-Dimensions: 247x170mm
- Packed in original packaging

1 x ESR glass
1 x Wet cloth
1 x dry cloth

  • Triple Anti-crack: 6 hours process for glass strengthening ensure the maximum protection from scratches, scrapes, and bumps with an industry-leading glass strength of 9H hardness.
  • 2.5D Arc Edge Treatment: The edge is polished by complicated machine for many times after high-speed cutting, so as to get the perfect 2.5D arc edge, providing a smooth operating feel and preventing the glass edge from scratching hands.
  • Easy Installation: Stick well with Free Paste Installation Tool, one-press, bubble-free.
  • Ultra Clear: The light transmittance is high, presenting you the true color and bringing you a brand-new screen experience.
  • Easy Clean: The surface adopts nano-coating treatment, which is non-hydrophilic and non-lipophilic, resistant to hand perspiration and fingerprint, and allows easy cleaning by just a slight wipe.Deigned for iPad AIR 4 10.9 2020
    • HD Retina Clarity - Ultra thin
    • 9H Hardness with 3x stronger shatter resistance
    • Oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints and smudges
    • Free installation kit

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