ROCK Καλώδιο Φόρτισης Συγχρονισμού TYPE-C 1.0μ - ΓΚΡΙ - S05

ROCK Καλώδιο Φόρτισης Συγχρονισμού TYPE-C 1.0μ - ΓΚΡΙ - S05

Market bestseller and extremely durable cable. Rock owes this only to its experience.

The ends of the cable plugs have been designed in such a way that they survive long and intensive use. A special nylon braid was also used, which prevents wiping and thus protects the wires inside. The durability of plugs that passed the 10th connection test has also been increased. The cable ensures reliability and full compatibility with devices with a Type-C connector thanks to the high quality chip.

The cable has the function of fast loading and data transfer, supports quick charging up to 2A.

Fast charging function will ensure connected devices safe and quick charging from the wall outlet (charger with implemented quick loader function).

- 100% Original
- Precisely made
- Type-C connector
- Length: 200cm
- Current: 2A
- Packed in the original packaging

1 x Rock cable

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