Θήκη SPIGEN SGP Δερμάτινη Slim S πορτοφόλι για Samsung Galaxy S4 - ΛΕΥΚΟ

Θήκη SPIGEN SGP Δερμάτινη Slim S πορτοφόλι για Samsung Galaxy S4 -SGP10283 SGP10279 SGP10285 SGP10281 SGP1028

Samsung Galaxy S4 Case Slim Walle S is made with a luxurious genuine leather for a polished and professional look. The inside of the Slim Wallet S is lined with soft microfiber to protect the screen. Galaxy S4 Case Slim Wallet S utilizes a polycarbonate hard frame to protect the entire phone from external impacts. The Slim Wallet S Case is convenient to use as it does not require any removal of the battery cover. The Slim Wallet S also includes a slot for storage of any essential cards or notes. This Galaxy S4 Slim Wallet S Case is made to highlight the original device by creating a very slim and thin profile. The Slim Wallet S Case allows the Galaxy S4 to be easily placed into a comfortable viewing position for typing, reading, or watching videos. 

  • Genuine leather
  • Extremely thin profile
  • Standing feature for comfortable viewing angle
  • Soft Microfiber chamude Interior
  • Made in Korea

Speaker Hole

A speaker and earpiece hole is provided to allow users to talk on the phone even when the case is closed.

Ultra Slim

The Slim Wallet S Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is designed to precisely fit the device. The thin, form-fitted design does not add bulk and keeps the Galaxy S4 lightweight.

No Magnet

There are no magnets embedded in the front cover of Galaxy S4 Slim Walelt S making it safe for your device and any credit cards that are inserted in the card slot.

Include :

Slim Wallet S Case - 1PC

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