Spigen SGP Μεμβράνη προστασίας Film Neo Flex Crystal Clear για Samsung Galaxy S10 PLUS case friendly - 606FL25695 - [2 TEM]

  • [2 Pack] Galaxy s10 Plus Screen Protector, Spigen NeoFlex provides bubble and rainbow-free clarity.
  • For perfect installation, watch our Tutorial.
  • Flexible Film (Not Glass) - Surface stays self-healing and fingerprint-resistant.
  • * NOTE : To ensure case compatibility, please install the Neoflex with the Spigen Case on.
  • ** NOTE : It is normal for bubbles or a rainbow effect to appear during the initial application because they will disappear once dry. **
  • Made of a flexible material to offer full screen coverage
  • Wet installation ensures full adhesion with zero lifting
  • Self-healing technology with lasting clarity
  • Stays bubble-free with zero glare or rainbows
  • Tip: Leave the device to dry overnight for absolute transparency

The NeoFlex™ ensures edge-to-edge protection and compatibility with all Spigen cases. A simple wet installation process secures a bubble-free application with zero lifting. With self-healing technology, the NeoFlex deters scratches and fingerprints to keep your screen crystal-clear. Give the Galaxy S10 Plus the defense it deserves with the NeoFlex™.

The Neo Flex protective film is made of a highly elastic TPU, therefore the curves are not a problem for it.
Assembly is a click, due to the fact that the coating is mounted wet, we do not have to be afraid of air bubbles or the issue of uneven assembly.
The foil is transparent, perfectly displays the displayed colors and does not affect the sensitivity of touch. The product perfectly protects the valuable screen from scratches and has self-healing properties.

* Spigen Neo Flex HD film is compatible with the majority of casings available on the market.

-100% Original
- Full screen protection
- High durability
- Perfectly matched
- Does not affect the touch screen sensitivity and does not interfere with the image reception
- Easy to assemble and disassemble
- Packed in original packaging

2 x Spigen Neo Flex film
1 x Screen cloth
1 x Installation sprey
1 x Installation card
2 x Sticker accessory

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