T-MAX UV GLASS Γυαλί προστασίας Case Friendly Fullcover 3D FULL CURVED 0.3MM  για Samsung Galaxy S10+ PLUS - ΔΙΑΦΑΝΟ

Full-UV Adhesive Full Glue Edge-to-Edge wth Full Installation Kit Tempered Glass

T-Max Full Edge-to-Edge Adhesive Case Friendly Tempered Glass is a breakthrough technology full adhesive tempered glass. It acquires a portable UV machine to install. Full Adhesive Glue, eliminating the problems of screen sensitivity, rainbow effect, screen dot matrix and etc. Not mentioning it's case friendly design, will be able to fit in most of the cases on market including Spigen, Ringke etc.

- Full DIY Pack (Including UV Light Machine)
- Liquid UV Adhesive covering 100% Tempered Glass Coverage
- Perfect touch sensitivity with full adhesion
- Crystal clear without any color boarder
- T-Max liquid covers existing minor cracks & provides safety
- Zero Colored Edge, Zero Touch Errors, Zero Lifting

The innovative T-Max glass has a surface hardness (degree of resistance) of 9H, which is why it is extremely scratch-resistant even in contact with sharp objects (knife, keys). In addition, it is coated with a special oleophobic coating that reduces the amount of fingerprints or other impurities.

T-Max is glued with a liquid substance on the whole surface of the screen and then the substance is hardened using a UV lamp. Thanks to this combination, we get the perfect effect of smoothness, clarity and responsiveness on the screen.

Check how to mount:
* We do not recommend using 3D glass without any housing.

** We do not recommend the use of T-Max glass if the casing overlaps the edges of the screen too much.

*** The assembly has been simplified to the maximum, but you must remember to read the instruction manual before the installation and watch the instructional video and follow all the steps set by the manufacturer, only this way you will get 100% satisfaction.

**** Glass after disassembly leaves no trace on the screen.

This Tempered Glass will covers Edge-to-Edge, by not sacrificing the usage with protective case, is now the best tempered glass for Curved Phone.No sales talk, if you did tried a tempered glass for curved edge models on market, 99% tempered glass for NOTE 8 will be only having adhesive on FRAME part, which you will find the screen sensitivity is compromised.  Vice versa on T-Max Full-Adhesive T.Glass, it's a full adhesion of T-Max Adhesive + UV Light in recurring the adhesive into the whole tempered glass. Generating back the original naked feel of the phone, by not having gaps in between of the screen and the tempered glass.

-100% Original
-Hardened tempered glass, 0.3 mm thick
- Resistance up to 9H
- Not affecting the sensitivity of touch
- Nano-resistant coating with grease and fingerprints
-Profile edges 2,5D
- Packed in original packaging

1 x T-Max glass
1 x UV lamp
1 x Installation tools

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