TWELVESOUTH Fermata Σταθμός Φόρτισης για Ακουστικά - ΜΑΥΡΟ -  TW-12-1637

MacBook short on USB ports?

Wireless Headphones didn’t include a charger?

We have solved this challenge beautifully. Meet Fermata, an elegant aluminum stand that not only holds and showcases your premium headphones but is also a full charging station that keeps you powered up!

Set your headphones atop the stand’s buttery soft leather saddle and connect the integrated charging cable to power up your headphones for your next work day or business trip.

The functionality continues with an in-base, additional USB port to charge your iPhone or iPad. Now you can have all of your recharging needs housed in one beautiful stand.

Output : USB 5V - 2A
Weight : 0,37 kg
Dimensions : 138 mm x 138 mm x 250 mm
Power Cable Lenght : 2 meters

When you press pause on Apple Music, don’t toss your premium headphones on a table or stuff them in a drawer.

Keep them safe and sound by hanging them on Fermata. The support saddle is topped with a baby soft, contoured leather pad, instead of a hard metal hook. The post is set back to ensure your leather headphone pads don’t rub against any support structure. When your headphones cost more than a car payment, doesn’t it make sense to take care of them with an equally worthy stand?

Twelve South Fermata Headphone Charging Stand, intl. Version, black

Fermata is an elegant headset stand made of aluminum. He holds and if necessary, loads the Earphones at the same time. The headset is gentle to the padded leather pad. After connecting the internal micro-USB cable to the headphones, the headphone batteries are charged at the same time. & Nbsp;
Fermata has an additional USB port on foot. So either iPhone, Smartphone, Tablet, etc. can be loaded simultaneously. The EURO power supply is included
Fermata -. Simple and beautiful. . The stand, which has it

- Compatible with all strap headphones
- invites all wireless headphones with a micro USB charging port (for example, beats, Bose, B & amp; O. , Sennheiser, etc.)
- power supply for EU / UK / China / Australia is included
to term: Fermata (to German: pause) in music means: peace sign, pause, or break , Exactly what does the headphones well

  • Compatible wireless headsets that charge via USB cable
  • Reversible micro-USB cable
  • Charging stand for wireless headphones with additional USB port

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