Benks Γυαλί προστασίας 9H case friendly 2.5D COVER MAGIC OKR+ 0.3MM 3D για Αpple iPhone 12 mini 5.4 - ΔΙΑΦΑΝΟ - BKS217

Benks Γυαλί προστασίας 9H case friendly 2.5D COVER MAGIC OKR+ 0.3MM 3D για Αpple iPhone 12 mini 5.4 - ΔΙΑΦΑΝΟ - BKS217

Premium screen protector made of AGC glass. It is case friendly with 2.5D edges for comfortable usage. Hardness up to 9H in Mohs scale ensures your screen is well protected for a long time and oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints.

Benks OKR+ main features:

  • Optimal 0.3mm thickness
  • Case friendly
  • Up to 9H in Mohs scale hardness
  • 2.5D edges for comfortable use
  • Oleophobic coating prevents fingerprints

Crystal clear, tempered glass OKR +, which perfectly reflects the colors displayed and does not affect the sensitivity of the touch. Made of AGC Ashai Glass tough and milled glass. It has a surface hardness (degree of immunity) 9H, which is why it is extremely scratch resistant even when in contact with sharp objects (knife, keys). In addition, it is covered with a special oleophobic coating that protects the screen from leaving fingerprints or other impurities. OKR + perfectly protects the valuable screen during extreme falls. The installation is extremely easy and affordable for every user, because it was designed so that after the application there were no air bubbles.

* The glass / foil is only cut to the flat part of the display with an embossed structure, according to the dies made by the manufacturer of the particular model of the phone. Only such foil / glass cutting will ensure complete compatibility with our protective accessories.

** Due to the various milling edges of the displays, a delicate air halo can form around the screen after installation of the protective film / protective film. This is a natural situation and depends on the screen itself.

-100% Original
- Hardened glass with a thickness of 0.3 mm
-Adjustable to the flat part of the display
-Supports up to 9H
- Manufactured from Japanese Glass AGC Asahi Glass
-Fitted with a nano-resistant coating for fat and fingerprints
-Ideal transparency
- Profiles 2.5 D
- Does not affect the functionality of the touch
-Packaged in original packaging

1 x Glass Benx Magic OKR +
1 x Microfibre cloth
1 x alcohol wiped cloth
1 x dedusting belt
2 x Dust removal tape

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