HOFI UV LED GLASS Γυαλί προστασίας Fullcover 3D 9H FULL CURVED 0.3MM για XIAOMI MI 10/ MI 10 PRO - ΔΙΑΦΑΝΟ

HOFI UV LED GLASS Γυαλί προστασίας Fullcover 3D 9H FULL CURVED 0.3MM για XIAOMI MI 10/ MI 10 PRO - ΔΙΑΦΑΝΟ

Full-UV Adhesive Full Glue Edge-to-Edge wth Full Installation Kit Tempered Glass

Hofi tempered glass protects a significant part of the rounded screen, has a surface hardness of 9H, which is why it is extremely resistant to scratches even when in contact with sharp objects and additionally, it is covered with an oleophobic coating, which reduces fingerprints.

The UV model is glued with a liquid substance over the entire screen surface, and then with a UV lamp the substance is cured.
Thanks to this combination, we obtain the perfect effect of smoothness, clarity and responsiveness.
Installation is easy and pleasant for the user

Check how to mount: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W7uxROE7ywk&feature=youtu.be

* We do not recommend using 3D glass without any enclosure.
** We do not recommend using the glass if the housing overlaps the screen edges, there is a risk of prying.
*** The functionality of the fingerprint reader on the screen may be slightly disturbed if a film or glass coating is installed. The fingerprint reader is not fully refined for additional coatings.

1) Begin installation in the bathroom right after the bath - water vapor will absorb all dust from the atmosphere and it will not interfere with installation.
2) Clean thoroughly and degrease the screen surface, then polish it with a dry cloth using a dry cloth.
3) Cover the speaker with the tape from the set.
4) Connect the UV lamp with a Type-C cable to the power source.
5) Pour liquid into the center of the device.
6) Install the glass as evenly as you can, this stage can also be corrected before hardening the surface when the liquid is on the screen with the glass.
7) If an air bubble has appeared, use an ATM card and gently push it out of the glass, this is done before curing.
8) Using a UV lamp, cure the glass along the center in five places for 15 seconds and then around the edge for 10 seconds.
9) Clean the phone of any remaining hardened glue.
10) If your device has a fingerprint reader on the screen, remember to remove and add fingerprints after installing the glass on the screen.
11) Enjoy a job well done!

- 100% Original
- Packed in original packaging
- 0.3mm toughened glass
- 9H scratch resistance
- Equipped with an oleophobic coating
- Does not leave a mark after disassembly
- Dimensions: 157x73mm

1 x Hofi glass
1 x UV lamp (without Type-C cable)
1 x Tube with glue
1 x Installation kit

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