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About Us

PLUSMOBI is Greek company, which within a short time - since established only in 2013 - aims to change all consumer habits. It features a wide range of technology products that meet the needs of the most demanding guests and consumers of all ages , since they can find together in one online store, inspiration and information, in multiple areas such as music , mobile and digital , audio and video , gadgets.

But in PLUSMOBI visitors are not necessarily just customers , but have many features as they can live a fulfilling experience selection from various manufacturers , compare prices and product features of their choice before purchase .

This is the solution of PLUSMOBI: A destination where every family member, regardless of age , can find what he's looking to discover something new , to be informed or just to spend some time looking around.


Our vision

Our vision is PLUSMOBI be a reference point in the for all, to enjoy unique entertainment experiences .

What are our values ​​and what they mean :

Passion & Creativity


Passion means to strive daily for the best, not just because we must but because this is what we want . Cause we love it. With team spirit , positive energy and optimism , we daily set high goals for ourselves and our company. With creative flair and vision we find ways to achieve them .


For our visitors, our passion and our creativity is translated to endless possibilities and options that we offer , such as the discovery of new experiences in many different areas , and direct information about what 's newest and unique, always with undiminished love and smile . Thus, each visit to our online store, become a pleasant surprise .



Trust & Respect

Every successful relationship is based on trust and respect . Honesty , consistency and accountability are values ​​that govern our relationship with the customer . We understand the needs of the person with us and we always respond with seriousness .



The center of our attention is the client . That's why we constantly beside him , to provide the expertise and full support for every product that interests him and instructed him to make more accurate and informed choice . Respecting and understanding the needs of consumers, aimed at ensuring product quality and prompt service of .


Innovation and continuous effort to better

We Innovate thanks to our commitment to self-improvement , to always keep us in the continuing education of our staff and in our efforts to strengthen team spirit. So confident and strong , taking initiatives for small daily " wins " in our competence. Because every small victory is part of a larger us go ahead .

Our vision is to provide the visitor with a series of new and unique experiences.So, we give you the opportunity to be informed on the latest technological innovations and new services or simply to get creative in your spare time .At the same time , through continuous effort to improve and upgrade services , constantly evolving so any personal experience gets even better .