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Terms and conditions of sales for Greece, Cyprus & EU

  1. 1. Appication

This Agreement covers all products sold exclusively through the website (website) Any deviations from this Contract must be confirmed in writing by PLUSMOBI . Any other Terms and Conditions are excluded . Each user who enters and uses the services of the shop, it confirms and accepts the conditions set out here , without exception. If someone does not agree with these terms must refrain from the use of the shop and every transaction with this .

When you make your order it means you accept this Agreement and all terms thereof .


  1. 2.  Order / Contract

Orders must be received in writing via the Internet by completing and sending the relevant Order Form which can be found at Your order is received by Plusmobi from the time you receive relevant information on ordering the state labeled " Submit Order ". The updates on the order status screen of the user and sent by e-mail at email contact has registered the user . . During the processing of each order filed and confirmed stock availability of products ordered . If the availability or delivery time vary from that shown in the product page will be taken on notice.

The order is valid when the order status is marked ' Send In ' or ' Available for Pickup "

The order status is continuously updated as and when changes arise in the handling of your order .

It is your responsibility to check the Registration Confirmation and immediately notify PLUSMOBI ( within two hours from the time of making an electronic notice marked " Submit Order ") in writing of any error, otherwise the information specified in Registration Confirmation will apply to this contract .

Before sending the Order Form you were informed of the following elements 

The prices of various products which are reflected in the pages of the website and include the legal VAT

The prices of the shop are subject to change at any time without notice . 

The various product offers valid while stocks last . In case of small / limited availability of stock product that has come to offer, PLUSMOBI maintain reasonable right the orders executed on the basis of satisfying a larger number of customers , ie the recorded orders from different / separate users .

PLUSMOBI strives hardly to provide high quality service every day . PLUSMOBI under good faith , is not responsible and is not bound to any errors in features, photos and prices of the products listed on the site and can not guarantee that there will be no errors from any cause during the introduction and / or updating of attributes and / or the price of a product 

In a matter of good faith and for your own protection, please if you find that a product is offered at an unusually low or high price compared to its market value before you order to contact Customer Service by sending an e- mail to

PLUSMOBI provides their users the ability to order products that are available through the online store. In particular , the customer may select through the online store any products he wants and afterwards to choose shipping method and payment option.

  1. 3. Order Cancellation 

You may cancel your order at any stage of completion by calling the Customer Service Department or by email at Depending on the stage of development of your order we will inform you about the options you have.

  1. 4.  Delivery / Ownership / Risk

Products can be shipped anywhere within the Greek-Cyprus territory & EU. The products will be sent to the address you have indicated in the Order Form by courier (courier). Shipment will be made ​​via the Greek Post for some areas this is not possible through courier service. In areas where it is not possible to send your order by courier, the delivery time is provided by the Greek Post Office. Shipping will take place daily , except Saturdays , Sundays and holidays.


The shipping cost is charged at 4.99 € for the whole Greece-Cyprus ( including VAT ) for each order value up to 50 €, while for orders worth more than 50 € ( including VAT ) there is no debit .


PLUSMOBI, as subject to clause 7 , will endeavor to send your goods within 1-3 business days ( Monday through Friday) days . For products that are under " REQUEST ", " limited availability " or " TEMPORARILY NOT AVAILABLE " and without condition that they may be ordered from suppliers PLUSMOBI delivery time down to approximately 5-20 business days ( Monday to Friday) depending on the product category . The place of delivery mentioned in the " New Order ". The ownership of the Product is transferred after full payment and risk passes on delivery .



  1. 5. Warranty

PLUSMOBI makes no warranty or guarantees protection for third party products ( products not manufactured and / or assembled by or on behalf of PLUSMOBI, and which the PLUSMOBI simply resell ) . For such products receive warranty directly from the manufacturer or provider license .

Software that does not belong to PLUSMOBI provided under license and warranty provider's license to use the Software . The PLUSMOBI Product encloses the Software license you need, wherever necessary. You must comply with the permit.

PLUSMOBI offers no warranty or guarantee protection for the product sold suitability for any particular purpose.


  1. 6. Majeure Force 

PLUSMOBI not responsible for delays in performance ( including delivery) due to circumstances not attributable to the fault of PLUSMOBI or due to force majeure and shall be entitled to an extension of time for execution . Examples could include strikes , terrorist acts, war , problems of supplier / transport / production , currency fluctuations , governmental or regulatory action and natural disasters . If this lasts more than two months , this Contract may be terminated by either party without compensation.


  1. 7. Your obligations as a Customer

You are responsible for:

Selecting your product and its suitability for your purposes .

The costs of telephone and mail communication with PLUSMOBI, if any.


  1. 8. Cancellation - Returns - Consumer Rights

You have the right to return products purchased, without penalty and without being obliged to tell us why you wish to return the product within fourteen (14) calendar days from the date you receive your goods . In this case you only charge the direct cost of returning goods.

Returns are accepted only if the items you wish to return in the same condition in which you received them , but that they be unsealed or has violated the packaging along with the receipt or invoice .

Returns are accepted only if items of an order were INSTANTLY READY TO SHIP and NOT pre-ordered after customer's request! In case of customer mistake after printed detailed offer ,NO RETURN is accepted!

For your wish to return products purchased from our online shop you must notify us in writing on " Request Return Order " stating date / purchase invoice number within that period. Provided that you receive written approval for reimbursement from PLUSMOBI, the address to which they must be sent back to the products are : PLUSMOBI, Andreou Dimitriou 22 T.K.56626 , Thessaloniki .

To avoid your own discomfort , it is advisable to check carefully at the time of delivery of your order on the condition of the products and their packaging intact , in order to detect any obvious defects ( eg broken merchandise, etc). If you notice a defect should contact our online shop immediately after delivery the same day or next working day at the Customer Service Department or email:

To address deficiencies or lack of properties to apply to items sold provisions of the Civil Code .To be considered an attribute, you must be certified as such in writing by both parties .

In case of refund and depending on how you chose to pay for your order and how to prepare the return , the refund will be completed within 30 days from the date you receive the products . The refund can be made by crediting your account will know the PLUSMOBI.

This Convention shall not affect any consumer rights provided by law. based on Greek law Ν. 2251/1994 about costumer protection as exists, and Π.Δ. 131/2003 as exists, and also Geek laws about e-shop transactions and electronic purchases,

  1. 9. Modification of this

PLUSMOBI reserves the right to amend or update the terms and conditions of trade . The modification or renewal shall be effective from the time that informed the text of any change.


        1. 10. Various

If any part of this convention proved to be invalid or unenforceable by a court, the rest of the Agreement will continue to apply. PLUSMOBI may enter into an agreement for the assignment of duties to an appropriate third party . Otherwise, neither party will be entitled to assign or transfer its rights or obligations. All notices must be in writing (by hand , by email , fax or letter via first class mail , which will be deemed delivered 48 hours after posting ) .


        1. 11. Applicable Law - Jurisdiction

This Agreement will be governed by the European and Greek law , especially laws that regulate issues related to electronic commerce , distance selling and consumer protection , and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Thessaloniki.