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Microscopes - Magnifier

Microscopes - Magnifier Veho Levenhuk

Levenhuk Zeno Multi ML9 3x-10x-16x (37-50-65mm) Magnifier LED
Brand: Levenhuk Model: LevenhukZenoMultiML9MAGNIFIERLED
Levenhuk Zeno 500 LED Magnifier3.5x, 56 mm, Metal Levenhuk Zeno 500 LED Magnifier is a compact and practical magnifier that will come in handy for many things, be it reading a newspaper or studying elaborate engravings, observing insects or doing needlework. Eight LED lights on the magnifier ..
Ex Tax:29.90€
Levenhuk A10 Smartphone Adapter
Brand: Levenhuk Model: LevenhukA10SMARTPHONEADAPT
FOR IOS AND ANDROID OS SMARPTHONES!Allows you to connect your smartphone to a telescope,microscope,binoculars and other optical instruments for photographyLevenhuk A10 Smartphone Adapter is a very useful accessory for everyone interested in astrophotography, or shooting wildlife or microcosm. Th..
Ex Tax:29.60€
Levenhuk LabZZ M101 Microscope - ORANGE
Brand: Levenhuk Model: LevenhukLabZZM101Orange
Levenhuk LabZZ M101 Microscope - ORANGEBright and sunny Levenhuk LabZZ M101 Orange Microscope is so much more than just a toy! It's a real optical instrument created especially for the youngest scientists and is capable of grabbing a child's attention by unraveling the most thrilling microworl..
Ex Tax:69.20€
Brand: Levenhuk Model: LevenhukLupaZenoVizorN2MAGNIFIER
Levenhuk Lupa Zeno Vizor N2 MagnifierWarranty: lifetimeWeight: 0,226 kgPackage size (LxWxH): 24,2×14×2,5 cmLevenhuk Zeno Vizor N2 Neck Magnifier comes with a neck strap and a desktop stand. The large diameter of the main lens allows you to cover a vast area at once and work with multiple small ..
Ex Tax:21.68€
Levenhuk Zeno 1000 LED Magnifier
Brand: Levenhuk Model: LevenhukLupaZeno1000MAGNIFIER
Levenhuk Zeno 1000 LED Magnifier2.5/5x, 88/21 mmWarranty: lifetimeWeight: 0,4 kgPackage size (LxWxH): 17×6×27 cmLevenhuk Zeno 1000 LED Magnifier is a unique desktop magnifier that may be used for studying texts and small objects. A special bracket allows you to mount it on a table, while its fl..
Ex Tax:34.90€
Brand: Levenhuk Model: LevenhukLupaZeno50MAGNIFIER
Levenhuk Zeno 50 LED Magnifier2.2/4.4x, 88/21 mmLevenhuk Zeno 50 LED Magnifier is a practical magnifier with two lenses. The main lens has 2.2x magnification, while the inset lens - located by the handle - has 4.4x. Two lenses with different magnifications allow you to easily read even the fin..
Ex Tax:24.90€
Brand: Levenhuk Model: LevenhukRainbowD50LPLUS2MDigital
Levenhuk Microscope Rainbow D50L PLUS 2M Digital Microscope, MoonstoneModern technologies that enter the optical equipment market significantly increase our possibilities. With Levenhuk Rainbow D50L PLUS 2M Digital Microscope, Moonstone you can not only observe plant and animal cells or microo..
Ex Tax:249.90€
Brand: Levenhuk Model: LevenhukMICROSCOPEDTX500LCD
Levenhuk Digital Microscope Magnification 20-500x USB - DTX 500 LCD USB digital microscope with LCD display Magnification: 20-500x Digital camera: 5Mpx Up to 2 hours standalone work Comes..
Ex Tax:236.51€
Brand: Levenhuk Model: LevenhukMICROSCOPEDTX90
Levenhuk Digital Microscope Magnification USB - DTX90 Levenhuk DTX 90 is a modern USB digital microscope for high-precision work. The microscope is equipped with a 5 Mpx camera and provides magnification within 10x-300x range. It comes with a special tripod and a stage with a measuring ..
Ex Tax:113.75€
Brand: Levenhuk Model: LevenhukMICROSCOPEDTX50
Levenhuk Digital Microscope Magnification 400x USB - DTX50 Levenhuk DTX 50 Digital Microscope is a modern USB digital microscope capable of significant magnification of up to 400x and equipped with a 1.3 Mpx digital camera that allows you to take pictures and record videos of observed sampl..
Ex Tax:84.05€
Levenhuk Prepared Slides Set - N20 NG
Delivery In 4-10 days
Brand: Levenhuk Model: LevenhukN20PreparedSlidesSet
Levenhuk Prepared Slides Set - N20 NG (20 pcs) Additional blank slides and cover slips included Area of use: Biology and Physiology Comes in a kit - see the description Product ID: 29277 Warranty: 2 yearsWeight: 0.42 kgP..
Ex Tax:34.90€
Brand: Levenhuk Model: LevenhukLabZZMT2Kit
Levenhuk LabZZ MT2 Kit Set Mikroscope with TelescopeA wealth of interesting discoveries awaits your kid with Levenhuk LabZZ MT2 Microscope & Telescope Kit! The kit includes a biological microscope with an experiment set and a refracting telescope. These instruments feature high-quality optics, r..
Ex Tax:89.00€
Levenhuk 40L NG Microscope
Out Of Stock
Brand: Levenhuk Model: Levenhuk40LNGMicroscope
Levenhuk 40L NG Microscope The Levenhuk 40L NG teaching biological microscope. This excellent biological microscope is ideal for use in schools or colleges as well as for your own research of the microworld. Superb production quality: body and elements are all-metal, not plastic.Focusing mechanis..
Ex Tax:169.90€
Levenhuk Prepared Slides Set - N38 NG
Delivery In 4-10 days
Brand: Levenhuk Model: LevenhukN38NGPreparedSlidesSet
Levenhuk Prepared Slides Set - N38 NG (38 pcs)Before being examined, samples of any plant or material must undergo a diligent preparation: a very thin slice of the material should be placed on a glass slide and covered with a cover slip. The slides set already contains fully prepared samples..
Ex Tax:44.45€
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