Spigen SGP Γυαλί προστασίας ALM SLIM CASE FRIENDLY με Applicator για APPLE iPhone 11 - ΜΑΥΡΟ - AGL00106

Spigen SGP Γυαλί προστασίας ALM SLIM CASE FRIENDLY με Applicator για APPLE iPhone 11 - ΜΑΥΡΟ - AGL00106

Tempered glass with a revolutionary method of installation - if you have been frightened by this aspect using tempered glass so far, then your problems have just been solved!

Tempered glass from the AlignMaster series from Spigen has been secured with a mounting frame perfectly cut to the front of the phone, thanks to which you can position it perfectly on the screen. The manufacturer has simplified the assembly method to the extent that it is fully intuitive for every user.

Glass FC AlignMaster is a product ideally suited to the display of your device equipped with a cover, case.
Full Cover alternately also called Case Friendly means that the glass is cut so that it will not be hooked by the case, which prevents accidental peeling of the glass.

Tempered glass 0.3mm thick has a surface hardness of 9H, which is almost the maximum result of the degree of scratch resistance that can be achieved.
An additional oleophobic coating prevents excessive fingerprints or other debris, and protects against additional scratches.
The minimalist design with precise cut-outs and crystal transparency ensures amazing immersion with the device, making it easy to forget that we have glass on it, which gives us additional protection.

* The glass has the widest possible Case Friendly die, which means it will be compatible with most cases on the market and with every case from Spigen.
** Due to the various milling of the edges of the displays, a delicate air halo may form around the screen after installing the protective film / glass on the screen. This is a natural situation and depends on the screen itself.

1) Begin installation in the bathroom right after the bath - water vapor will absorb all dust from the atmosphere and it will not disturb you during installation.
2) Clean and degrease the screen surface thoroughly, then polish it with a dry cloth using a dry cloth.
3) Place the positioning frame on the front of the phone
4) Glue the glass and get rid of air bubbles, carefully pushing the whole thing in circular motions for several dozen seconds. Make it so that the adhesive layer binds to the screen as much as possible.

- 100% Original
- Packed in original packaging
- 9H hardness
- 2.5D milled edges have a nice feel
- Additional oleophobic layer
- Perfect transparency
- Does not affect touch functionality
- Dimensions: 151x72mm

1 x Spigen Glass FC AlignMaster
1 x Microfiber cloth
1 x Alcohol soaked cloth
1 x Dirt strip

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